Photography — 1. Scans — 2. People: 2.1 old; 2.2 young — 3. Places: 3.1 abstract; 3.2 geo
Design Experiments — 1. Visual  — 2. Activist

Artwork and Cassette Design for Ambient Album “Feels Like I’ve Been Here Before’ by Max von der Goltz, 2021
Analogue Photography, Graphicdesign

‘Balance is practice’, 2018

Album Artwork, 2020
Photography, Graficdesign

‘DNA // Data’,  2017 - 2018
Wooden Object
Group exhibition during the Gallery Weekend at Potsdamer Straße Berlin - ‘Generation Y’, April-May 2018
Data or I did not happen? We identify with our photos, video, files – at least as a whole generation. The digital memory fades and is limited. According to current research the future of data storage technology is the DNA: It can pack tons of information into very small molecules, unlike CDs it'll never become obsolete, and it can last for tens of thousands of years with 100% accuracy. Ironically, the digital transformation might end in using the most ‘nondigital’ and not artifical memory system that is the base of nature.